“A meditation on movie love structured as tautly as a good noir screenplay.”

-Fearless Reviews

“A book about Hollywood and Pop Culture like no other.”

-The Fedora Chronicles

“Sultry, seductive, remarkably mesmerizing.”

-Books to Watch Out For

“Part biography, part memoir.  It’s a refreshing blend of Hollywood history and personal reflection.”

Java’s Bachelor Pad

“Dougherty ends up with a conjectural, bittersweet, and often funny obituary - for Joi, for Hollywood, for his own vaporized past.”


Being a writer in Hollywood can be murder.

Walter Doyle thought he was done with the movie business, but when an ambitious young woman discovers one of his old scripts and sets it on the road to blockbuster production, Walter is pulled back into a world that once treated him like a king, then tried to destroy him.

They say being a writer in Hollywood can be murder.  Walter’s about to find out how true that is.

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