My first experience being on the staff of a television series turned out to be an incredible “earn-as-you-learn” film school.  I ended up writing fifteen episodes and directing five.  We did some remarkable work on the series and having them finally available on DVD is very gratifying.  I’ve got a row of the boxed sets between some James Thurber bookends in my living room and I’m very proud of them.  If you don’t feel like buying the DVDs (or don’t have a pair of James Thurber bookends) they’re rentable on NETFLIX.  They also stream at AMAZON.COM, but then you miss the commentary on my episodes where I explain what a pay-phone is.

I was putting my own spin on Film Noir long before Pretty Little Liars.  In this case, blending Raymond Chandler with H.P. Lovecraft

I wrote this movie long before I started making a living as a writer, at least partially as a pep-talk to keep myself writing.

It was made the way I wanted it to be made, and keeps showing up at festivals.

Just in time for its 25th Anniversary, Cast a Deadly Spell has been remastered in HD and is available on Amazon Prime.